Hannah Felix

Co-Founder and Nutrition Specialist

How I Got Started

“I Have Never Been an Athlete, I Was Terrible at Almost All Sports Growing Up but Fitness Was Different.”

I was drawn to it since day one. I didn’t care what I was doing, whether it was running with my dad, spin classes with all the adults, hiking, hot yoga. It didn’t matter. If I was sweating and challenging myself, I was happy.

It wasn’t until later on in life that a found my new love- weight training. I still remember the first barbell strength class that I took at lifetime fitness. I had never done anything in my life that made me feel so powerful and strong (even though I was far from strong). It was a strange feeling because most exercise for women is not geared towards power and strength, but regardless of how awkward it felt at first, I instantly knew I was hooked.


It wasn’t until how my body LOOKED became secondary to what my body can DO, that I was set free. Strength, flexibility, and power became number one, while scales and clothing sizes fell inferior. Food is a delicious blessing to fuel me for optimal energy vs. a curse that leads to feelings of anxiety and guilt. It was only until this mental shift took place, that I feel like I’m on fire, I finally feel unstoppable.

What I've Learned

I Know My Fascination With the Human Body, Health, Fitness, and Nutrition Is What Drove Me to Become a Registered Nurse.

Now after 8 years spent in the hospital taking care of the critically ill, I have seen first-hand the devastating impact of an unhealthy lifestyle. My passion turned from helping the sick to the prevention needed to keep people out of our hospitals. Many of the diseases killing people are a direct result of being largely overweight, which many times is a direct result of a poor diet. My focus turned to nutrition and I started reading anything I could get my hands on.

I found so much false data being fed to the public without any evidence to back it up. This angered me and really lit a fire under my ass to search for the truth. I also started to find passion in the persons who are already active and follow a healthy diet but still are not seeing the results they’ve worked so hard for. Or the ones who just cannot seem to shed the last couple of pounds for a big life event (like a wedding). So whether it’s the morbidly obese, the already fit or the person somewhere in between, I will show you how to manipulate your diet in a way that will deliver you the results you’ve been after.

Start the Climb With Hannah

Hannah Offers 1x Macro Calculations as well as Online Macro Coaching


Workout Programs designed to help you meet your goals and complete on your own time. Most programs meant to be completed in 4-8 weeks.

Macro Coaching 

Online macro coaching with Hannah will get your nutrition on track with proper macro tracking, keep you accountable and most importantly help you to reach all of your goals.

Online Coaching

Customized macro coaching and personal training | Our Premier Program offers all the bells and whistles in order to ensure your success. This premium package includes nutrition, training, accountability, and coaching from 2 experts instead of 1.


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