Macro-Prep and Workout Plan Coaching

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We Offer Online Coaching for Both Macro Nutrition Plans and Personal Training. You Will Team up With Eric and Hannah to Get the Best of Both Worlds. Hannah Is Our Nutrition Specialist and Eric Is Our Fitness Expert.

Together we will work within our online training platform, Trainerize. Within the app you will have access to your macro tracking program, customized macros, customized training programs, and 24-7 messaging to both of your coaches. You also have the ability to upload body stats, progress photos and more!

Nutrition COACHING


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Each Coach Is Specialized, Adding Value to All Areas of Your Fitness Journey.


Founder & Personal Trainer

Weight training has not only changed my body, it has changed my outlook on life. When you accomplish physical feats you never thought possible, it gives you strength and courage to try new things outside of the gym as well. It is one of the only things that can build you from the outside in. But above all that it has done for me personally, helping others succeed and watching their confidence grow has given my life more value than anything I could have ever accomplished on my own.


Co-Founder & Fitness Nutrition Specialist

I’ve always been put off by the “all or nothing” approach to nutrition.
I knew there had to be another way to do things. But before anything can be done, one must give up the desire for perfection. Why?
Because perfection is boring. And it’s a false illusion that will drive you mad. I’ll tell you what is better than reaching for perfection. Loving the food you eat AND loving the body you’ve worked so hard for. Feeling strong. Doing the things that bring you peace and joy. There IS another way- let us show you.

“I have loved working out with Eric! He has really helped motivate me to achieve my fitness goals! My fiance and I came to Eric at Fluencefit because we wanted to get in shape before our wedding. Eric sat down with us and created a realistic workout plan that would help us achieve the results we wanted. After consistently working out with Eric for the last 3 months, I am much leaner and stronger and ready to fit into my wedding dress! Eric really caters each workout to meet your individual goals. He REALLY cares about his clients. He is very encouraging and motivating. He knows how to challenge you and push you to your physical fitness limits! I’m so glad I found Eric to get me in shape before my wedding! I have really enjoyed coming to workouts and seeing real results!”
Jenny T. 2015
“After burning myself out in the gym, and not caring or having many goals I knew I needed to shake it up. My friend told me to tag along for a workout with her with Eric. It was that first session that got me back in the game. I started having goals, wanting to push myself, and trust Eric’s advice and guidance. He pushes me when I need to be pushed, and let’s me whine if I need to but always keeps me accountable. He isn’t like most trainers, he isn’t a drill Sargent and you can tell him that you ate mac and cheese the day before. He’s accommodating, understanding, and extremely knowledgable. I’d recommend Eric to anyone I know no matter how novice or advanced you are. The proof is in the Fluencefit pudding!”
Stephanie L. 2015

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”
-Albert Einstein-

“This quote best sums up Eric’s approach as a trainer and a person all together. He finds incredible ways to explain things to people at any level in the fitness community. Whether you are brand new looking for a transformation or you are looking to step up your game in a more advanced format Eric always manages to tailor everything he does for every client specifically, including myself. But probably the most unique quality about his approach is that his training doesn’t stop at the weights. The facility is amazing and everyone is very friendly. I’ve been with Fluencefit since December and it has completely changed my life and I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. I have developed a great physique, an incredible new mindset and we are just getting started!”

Ian O. 2015


Other Ways to Climb

We Offer Other Platforms and Coaching to Improve Your Health and Wellness


Workout Programs designed to help you meet your goals and complete on your own time. Most programs meant to be completed in 4-8 weeks.

Macro Coaching

Online macro coaching with Hannah will get your nutrition on track with proper macro tracking, keep you accountable and most importantly help you to reach all of your goals.

In-Person Training

Come join our Fluence Fitness family in person! Group Personal Training sessions guaranteed to challenge and change you.